September 29th, 2023 Update

We’re still in litigation with the borough. Today the borough’s attorney stated on the record to the court that the borough does not want the South River Rescue Squad to serve the borough ever again. That’s the administrations official stance, we suppose. Did you vote for that? Did you ask the borough to stop using the rescue squad? No, you didn’t. Your health and safety is only worth the $25,000 they’re paying to East Brunswick to provide EMS coverage for the borough. EMS isn’t a line item on a borough’s budget, it’s a necessary service like police, fire, DPW.

There’s also been flood damage to the building which has resulted in a mold problem in the basement. Also on the record, the borough attorney has stated that the borough would not repair the damage, even though they are legally responsible to repair it as per agreements dating back 20 years. Their stance is that their deductible on the insurance is too high and they did not want the tax payers to shoulder the burden. However, the tax payers are still shouldering the burden for their attorney to continue to fight this litigation. The costs for the borough at this point have to exceed $1,000,000.

Mediation is coming up but the borough has already made it clear that they have no intention to meet our very reasonable demands, which means this will go to trial, very possibly in January. The only one winning here is the borough’s attorney.

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